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  • Arts and Culture Events

Throughout the year we host a variety of art & culture events for guests and the public to enjoy. From music/poetry evenings to mansion tours, these events give visitors a special look into Le Chateau de l’Enclos and the cultural heritage of the surrounding area.

Art evenings in the 18th century atmosphere and modern comfort of this old castle, an ideal location for artistic and cultural activities.

We welcome artists, musicians, performers and writers with their students for short and longer courses and seminars.

The whole property is available for art and music courses/lessons, as a base for touring the unspoiled region. The Grande Salle of the Chateau de l’Enclos and the walled courtyard both offer brilliant acoustics for all genres of music.

The chateau is also an ideal location for film and TV production, with its ancient walls and 18th century chapel, its garden and its stunning views of the surrounding countryside.


As the swans arrive from Arctic Russia in wetlands of Belgium and early sunsets blind our windows, we give a new life to things of the past that have been around for decades or even centuries. In the very mid of October dozens of creative re-users gather in the small village of Geer (Province of Liege) to enjoy an eclectic mixture of environmentally friendly artists, vendors, craftsmen, artisans, performers in a truly beautiful and historical setting of the 18th century “Chateau de l’Enclos”.
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Join family and friends at The Chateau de l’Enclos for a fun filled and magical Halloween evening! The Magic Castle is the showplace for talented Belgian performers: musicians, singers, actors. Built in 1700s, this storied mansion has watched Belgium grow and change for over 300 years while never losing its original charm.

"Le cirque est allé"
Il est une histoire incroyablement vraie de deux clowns mignons, soudain laissés seuls avec le public, parce que le cirque a disparu et tout le monde les avait simplement oubliés. Maintenant, ils doivent sauver leur visage et effectuer tous les actes de cirque - seulement deux d'entre eux - avec le minimum d'accessoires. Il n'y a pas moyen de reculer, la maison est pleine. Les acteurs essaient de sauver la situation avec les efforts drôles de clowns et parvient à faire la performance incroyablement intéressante malgré la pénurie de certaines compétences particulières.

24/04/2015 17.00-20.00

Exposition des Élèves "Dessins et Peintures"

Ecole fondamentale communale HOLLOGNE-SUR-GEER


Chateau de l’Enclos Cultural Venue

An Opening Night Gala with the String Quartet

11 APRIL 2015 20:00

This is the day we have been waiting for!

The stage is set for the official gala opening of Geer’s new cultural venue, Chateau de l’Enclos.
The team of the Chateau has the pleasure of inviting you to this special classical music evening at 20.00 on Saturday 11 April 2015.
The opening concert will be conducted by Tigran Pogosyan (violinist) and his string quartet.

Tigran Poghosyan: Violon 1
Louise Vanbiervliet: Violon 2
Wouter Tooten: Viola
Caroline Roeland: Cello

Dans le programme:
PURCELL. Festival Rondeau
BACH. Suite n.3
MOZART. Ave verum
MOZART. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic
HAENDEL. Largo from Xerxes
HAENDEL. Aria Lascia ch'io pianga
HAENDEL. Sarabande
VIVALDI. Largo from Winter
VIVALDI. Concerto alla rustica
CORELLI. Concerto grosso op.6 n.8
PACHELBEL. Canon and fugue
CHOPIN. Nocturne
OFFENBACH. Barcarolle
DVORAK. Largo from New World Symphony

Tickets: €15
Reservations are required.

Telephone for reservations: 019 73 04 65
Parking is free
Dress-code: evening wear

Chateau de l'Enclos
Rue de l'Enclos 1 Geer 4254
Tel : 019 73 04 65
Site Web : www.chateaudelenclos.com
Mail: chateaudelenclos@gmail.com


7 марта 2015 в 18.00

Лирические песни, увлекательные истории и комические пассажи от русско-англо-франкоязычного романтика. Перебирая волшебные струны своей видавшей виды гитары, Роланд перебирает струны собственное души.
В преддверии Дня Женщин 7 марта Роланд сыграет в Chateau de l’Enclos домашний концерт. Космополитичный артист не только исполняет красивые душевные песни на русском и английском языке, он общается с публикой, рассказывает истории из жизни и создает особую уютную атмосферу квартирника. Приезжайте! Красивый получится весенний концерт! Заказ билетов по тел. 0485943320 Цена билета 15 евро. Женщинам бокал вина или сока в подарок в преддверии праздника 8 марта!
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